Last US presidential debate

The mute button, or at least the threat of it, worked. Early in the final US presidential debate, Donald Trump and Joe Biden were more restrained. The candidates allowed each other to speak, even when they went on the attack. From the opening minutes, the two candidates took opposing stances on issues like Coronavirus, healthcare, and immigration.

Biden called for much more aggressive federal action warning that a “dark winter” was ahead. We already said that the final US Presidential debate was a calmer one, but it didn’t mean the candidates stopped accusing each other. Both candidates questioned one another’s healthcare plans And in the meantime Trump accused Biden of incompetence during his time as the US Vice President. And Biden accused the US president of heartlessness for separating migrant families and inflaming racial tensions.

The 3rd party candidates and independents are voices that matter and some are on the ballot, but you wouldn’t know it: you meaning Americans and ones outside the US. Jo Jorgensen is the Libertarian candidate made a point to highlight how both candidates focused on each other’s corruption, adding how can you trust either with our economy, taxpayer money, or to act ethically in the White House? She has also said that voting for more govt. spending inevitably leads to higher taxes to pay for it, now or in the future, which she said she would slash federal spending, and make government much smaller.

Howie Hawkins from the Green Party said he proposed the Green New Deal in 2010, saying how another decade has passed for failing to act on it, with no hopes pinned on candidate Joe Biden. Roque Rocky De La Fuente from the Alliance Partysaid both Biden and Trump made fools of themselves, adding that latinos and Hispanics are tired of both parties who don’t include independent parties.

Here’s Don Blankenship, the constitution candidate. He says here that Washington DC has a spending party. Americans who pay taxes are not invited, but they will pay the bill. And finally tweet 5 is from Brock Pierce, an independent candidate who said the US two party system is the same side of the same coin. Real change is needed , something to emerge that transcends partisan politics.

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