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Bavar 373 joins Iran's integrated air defense network

Hooman Abedi
Press TV, Semnan


The second day of Iran's air defense forces integrated maneuver has kicked off in Iranian central city of Semnan.

Bavar 373, Mersad, and Tabas were the main air defense systems used on the second day of Iran's Defenders of Velayat Skies 99 exercise.

With the invasion of strategic aircraft of the attacking forces, Bavar 373 indigenous air defense system successfully detected and fired at a target at a low range. This was the first performance of Bavar under the control of the country's integrated air defense network.

Some improved missile systems have also been deployed to the drill site. These air defense systems are capable of tracking and destroying air targets flying at different altitudes. This is how the Iranian youths are protecting the country's skies and thwart any possible threats by the enemies.

The exercise commanders reiterated that this joint maneuver is a show of might by the armed forces to tell the enemies that posing any threat against the Islamic Republic will not remain unanswered. 

With over four decades of arms embargo imposed against the country by the west, Iran has had no way but to stand on its own feet to build up its military arsenal.


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