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BBC’s Syrian propaganda war

Murtaza Jaffer
Press TV, London

Independent journalist Vanessa Beeley who has bravely reported from the Syrian front line, exposing links between Western intelligence and al-Qaeda-linked terror groups, has revealed efforts by the BBC to undermine and even threaten her.

As the war on Syria approaches its 10th anniversary, fighting has somewhat abated. Sporadic clashes have replaced a full on proxy war between regional powers that saw fighters from all corners swarming the country in a NATO backed regime change effort to overthrow the government of Bashar al-Assad. 

Hundreds of thousands have been killed, millions displaced and now western sanctions aim to cripple what remains, all under false pretenses - carefully choreographed by politicians and the mainstream media who made every effort to present foreign fighters linked to groups such as al-Qaeda, as so-called moderate rebels - crying out for western democracy. 

Eventually a new outfit emerged, the white helmets, a humanitarian disaster response group working in rebel-held areas to save innocent civilians, a perfect antithesis to the foreign fighters. Soon however inconsistencies began to appear. Behind every effort to champion the new humanitarian group, lay a trail that linked back to foreign-backed efforts to overthrow the government. 

Journalists on the ground like Vanessa Beeley have worked tirelessly to expose groups like the white helmets and their links to NATO powers. However, it appears the mainstream's attention has now turned to such journalists. In recent weeks the BBC has made contact and sought to vilify and undermine efforts that have exposed intelligence agencies supporting the white helmets. 

Threatening journalists on the ground exposes a fragility that’s seen across the mainstream media. The emergence of social media and alternate sources has broken the monopoly of information that western powers enjoyed unchallenged for decades.

For many the leaks that exposed the OPCW report were the straw that broke the camel's back. Just how many international bodies were working in tandem using falsified information to justify war and western aggression? What does this say about outlets like the BBC who pushed this narrative to the public? What does this tell us about what they are now saying regarding China or Russia and even Iran? 


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