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Muslims mark Tasu'a with mourning rituals

Ghanbar Naderi
Press TV, Tehran


On the day of Tasu'a, the 9th day of Muharram in Islamic calendar, and one day before Ashura, Muslims across the globe take to the streets to hold mourning rituals in commemoration of Imam Hossein, the grandson of Prophet Muhammad.

Black-clad mourners also took to the streets in Iran to mark Tasu'a, the day before the third Shia Imam and 72 of his loyal companions were martyred by the authoritarian rulers of the time nearly 1400 years ago.

The ultimate tragedy here is that Imam Hossein was the grandson of Prophet Muhammad. Of his grandson, he says the famous words, Hossein is from me, and I am from Hossein. Allah loves whosoever loves Hossein.

The ceremonies marking Tasu'a will reach the most important point on the Day of Ashura, the tenth day of Muharram on Sunday. Ashura, which falls on August 30 this year, marks the day in 680 CE, when Imam Hossein and his steadfast companions were martyred in the battle of Karbala in today’s Iraq.

Ashura marks the climax of the remembrance of Muharram. It is a national holiday in many Muslim countries, including Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Bahrain and Pakistan.

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