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Elliott Abrams going to be involved in black op against Iran: Expert

US Special Representative for Iran Elliott Abrams (AFP photo)

Elliott Abrams is a thug, a convicted criminal who’s going to be involved “in some type of black op against Iran,” an American writer and former professor has said.

E Michael Jones, the current editor of Culture Wars magazine, made the remarks in an interview with Press TV while commenting on the recent appointment of Abrams as the new US Special Representative to Iran.

“The Trump administration announced that their ambassador to Iran, Brian Hook, is retiring, and he's going to be replaced by Elliott Abrams. Now, in gambling, this is known as doubling down. What that means is that when you start losing the game at the casino instead of just walking out and cutting your losses, you start betting twice the amount of money every time you lose. This is a short term strategy that usually ends in disaster. You end up going completely broke,” he said.

“This is precisely the strategy that the Trump administration is now going to pursue with Iran,” he said.

“Elliott Abrams is a convicted criminal. He's a convicted felon. He was a notorious operator behind the Iran Contra deal. He went to jail as a result of lying to Congress about his deal with that illegal operation,” he added.  

“He was known as a violator of human rights, a promoter of human rights violations in Central America. He has the background of criminal activity. And so I guess the Trump administration feels he's ideally suited to become the new ambassador to Iran because it looks as if by this appointment that the Trump administration has criminal activity in mind. What other conclusions can you draw from hiring a thug, like Elliott Abrams?” he said.  

“Elliott Abrams is a right-wing Jewish thug of the sort of like Benjamin Netanyahu. He is the son of loss of Norman Podhoretz who was the notorious editor of Commentary (magazine),” he continued.

“He has been engaged in this type of activity for his entire adult life. There is no reason to believe that he is going to change his behavior once he gets into office there. What they are thinking is anyone's guess. The only bright side of this whole thing is the unpredictability of Donald Trump,” he said.  

“Now Elliott Abrams opposed Donald Trump's election in 2016. Donald Trump refused to appoint him when Mike Pompeo nominated him the first time around as Undersecretary of State, and now he seems to have gotten a change of heart. I have no reason to understand that other than he's going to be involved in some type of black op against Iran,” he noted.

“The other side of the coin is, Trump said as soon as he gets re-elected he will come up with a deal with Iran. What I think he's saying here is that once he's re-elected he will have no more need of the Israel lobby. Now, Trump has already shown that he can stand up to the Israel lobby when he wants to. This happened when he fired John Bolton, who was the protégé of Sheldon Adelson, who was one of the three Jews who persuaded Trump to overthrow the JCPOA,” he pointed out.

“So, put all that together, and you have what I think is going to be problems in the short run, but then, maybe some possibilities for negotiation, in the long run, if Trump gets reelected,” he concluded.


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