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US is most grievous abuser of human rights across the world

Stephen Lendman

By Stephen Lendman

It is an indisputable fact. There is not any evidence that disputes it that the US is the most grievous abuser of human rights over a longer duration after a maximum number of people that goes back hundreds of years to colonial America and after the US became a country in 1776, far more, far greater human rights abuses than any other country in world history.

Hitler was around for a dozen years. The US has been has been raging against other countries and committing those grievous civil and human rights abuses, including wars, mass slaughter, torture, false imprisonment, virtually every conceivable kind of crime against humanity the US is guilty of, going back hundreds of years.

It's done it abroad. It's done it internally against its own people. I would love somehow some way for the US to be held accountable for its high crimes of war against humanity, genocide and all the rest.

I'm afraid it certainly will never happen from the UN because the UN operates as a virtual, wholly owned subsidiary of the US. Its key officials, mainly the secretary general, are pro-Western. They're always pro-Western. They never accuse the US of war crimes and crimes against humanity. There's no ambiguity about them.

The whole world knows that the US is guilty of war crimes in one country after another. We all know the names. And war by other means against countries; state terrorism against Iran, against Venezuela, Russia, China, Cuba, Nicaragua, goes on and on and on and on. The rape of Yugoslavia, which was war preceded by breaking up the country in the 1990s.

All the post 9/11 wars, all the ones before that, beginning with [former President Harry] Truman's preemptive war on North Korea. North Korea didn't attack the South. The South attacked the North, and North Korea, defended itself; its legitimate right under international law.

The Vietnamese wanted normalized relations with the US. North Korea wanted to normalize all these years and the US never went along with it because the US needs enemies. It doesn't have any, so it invents them. It invents them abroad; it invents at home as a pretext for spending countless trillions of dollars on endless militarism and wars.

Homeland Security, which is really persecuting the American people, the ones who would like a government serving everybody equitably but have never gotten it, gotten a little drip is every now and then. There have been good policies at times, but they usually fade away.

And what's going on now is the worst in US history since black people were considered commodities and not people and that continued until the mid 19th century, going on hundreds of years before that. But black people are treated like wage slaves, instead of cattle slaves today, so it's marginally better, but it certainly isn’t good and all.

But the issue in the US isn't police violence. That's a symptom of the issue in the US. The real issue is institutionalized racism, injustice and inequality, and the police do what they're trained to do; to serve the privileged, serve and protect privilege at the expense of beneficial social change.

The police will do whatever they are trained to do, whatever they are told to do. They're doing what they're told to do, what they're instructed to do. So the real issues are those are the big ones; the US system and  as long as the US system stays the way it is, as long as the world community refuses to name the system, names the abuse and calls for accountability, naming the US as a war criminal, as a criminal waging war and crimes against humanity, as long as this fails to happen, there never will be accountability in the US.

As long as other countries align with US crimes, NATO countries, European countries, Israel, the Saudis, the other [Persian] Gulf states, as long as this goes on, these crimes will continue to be committed and there'll be no accountability.

Maybe one day they will be. I've said many times, quoting somebody else, that what cannot go on forever won't, and what is going on forever, cannot go on forever. So one day this will end.

I just hope planet Earth doesn't end before their time because there are certainly weapons around. They could destroy planet Earth and all its life form in a matter of hours, days at most, if enough of them are unleashed. And while it's not too likely, it's very possible. It's possible and it's very scary.

Stephen Lendman, born in 1934 in Boston, started writing on major world and national issues began in summer 2005. In early 2007, radio hosting followed. Lendman now hosts the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network three times weekly. Distinguished guests are featured. Listen live or archived. Major world and national issues are discussed. Lendman is a 2008 Project Censored winner and 2011 Mexican Journalists Club international journalism award recipient. He recorded this article for Press TV website. 


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