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US military part of the campaign to dump Trump in the Nov. election: Ex-US diplomat

US President Donald Trump departs the White House to visit outside St. John’s Church in Washington on June 1, 2020. (Photo by AP)

Former US diplomat and political commentator J Michael Springmann says he believes the US military is now part of the campaign against President Donald Trump to dump him in the November election.

Springmann made the remarks in a phone interview with Press TV on Sunday while commenting on Trump’s statement that the United States is “ending the era of endless wars.”

Trump told West Point's graduating class on Saturday that their job will be to defend “America’s vital interests” and not fight “endless wars” in faraway lands.

In his address to the US Military Academy at West Point, Trump said that the job of the American soldier was not to rebuild foreign nations but "defend, and defend strongly, our nation from foreign enemies.”

“We are ending the era of endless wars," Trump said. It is not the job of American forces “to solve ancient conflicts in faraway lands that many people have not even heard of," he said.

Springmann said that “Trump's remarks at West Point are seemingly contradictory and show the idiot nature of the reaction from the rest of the American government such as from the corrupt, incompetent, and illegitimate Congress.”

"Trump says he's going to remove 9500 soldiers from Germany, and then reposition them to the east in Poland, closer to Russia. I don't see how this brings American soldiers home from foreign countries to defend American interests. I have no idea what American interests are in Poland that requires an additional 9500 soldiers there. We are not at war with Poland. We're not at war with Russia,” he added.

“Although I think a lot of these neocons and the American government would like to have a situation like that,” he said.

“The issue of course is that Trump is continuing with his foreign wars. During his campaign, four years ago he said that he was against the Forever War against Arabs and Muslims in the Middle East and South Asia, yet he's continued the wars, and he's not withdrawn any real number of soldiers. They claim he's done it from Syria, but I haven’t yet seen anything other than him repositioning soldiers to take over the oil wells in Syria,” he stated.

“I think it also shows in the article that there's a question of civilian control of the military. Our military is openly challenging civilian authority and stating that they shouldn't have done this, they shouldn't have done that, thereby criticizing the president, the commander in chief for clearing a mob of protesters, supposedly peaceful protesters, more like insurrectionists, from Lafayette Square across the street from the White House,” the commentator said.

“I believe that the US Armed Forces are now part of the campaign against Trump to dump him in the elections as the mass media wants,” he noted.

“So I think that Trump’s remarks at West Point are totally out of proportion, totally out of character, and had no real basis in fact. He claims as I noted earlier to withdraw soldiers, but moves them not closer to America but farther from America into Poland and closer to Russia to antagonize the Russians,” he said.

“So I think that if Trump really wanted to end international conflicts affecting the security and integrity of the United States, he would bring the soldiers back and abandon the 800, 900 to 1000 bases, depending on who you talk to, that are scattered around the world and populated by American soldiers. So I think that he's got to do something realistic rather than just talk,” he concluded.

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