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Fuel-loaded Iranian ships are arriving in Venezuela

This screen capture from the video footage shows aerial view of Iranian tanker arriving at Venezuela coast.

Jesus Silva
Press TV Caracas

Solidarity from Iran to Venezuela has successfully materialized as fuel-loaded ships sent by the Islamic Republic are reaching the Latin American country one by one. Venezuelan officials say this is a symbol of victory over US imperialism. 

Authorities say that the national armed forces will continue to provide military protection to the upcoming Iranian ships. Caracas also hailed the valuable contribution from Tehran to tackle the gasoline-shortage that Venezuelans have been grappling with during recent weeks. The five-tanker flotilla is carrying over one and a half million barrels of fuel in total.

However, the opposition claims Caracas is stirring further conflict with Washington.

But experts believe that the arrival of the Iranian ships is a remarkable achievement.

Venezuela’s gasoline production has hit bottom as a result of US confiscation of oil industry assets abroad. Besides that, almost three months of lockdown to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, have weakened even more the country’s fuel industry.

The arrival of Iranian oil tankers is regarded by many Venezuelans as a symbol of victory over US intentions of oppressing sovereign nations as Venezuela and Iran. Caracas says its ties with Tehran will go on despite Washington's constant threats.

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