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Israe’s annexation of Palestine will lead to death of thousdands of Americans: Analyst

Mark Dankof

US President Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu are attempting to annex all of Palestine, an "immoral policy” that would lead to death of thousands of Americans, says a journalist and former US Senate candidate.

“There was never an attempt to legitimately create a so-called two state solution. It's quite obvious that Netanyahu represents the greater Israel movement, which believes that it has a right to territories between the Nile River and the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, and that that includes all of Palestine, that includes all of Jerusalem [al-Quds],” Mark Dankof said Thursday during a phone interview with Press TV.

Christian Zionists in the Trump administration, including Vice President Mike Pence and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, “have made it very, very clear that they will support Netanyahu and the Israeli lobby,” Dankof said.

“Sadly, what it's going to take is for thousands, if not millions of Americans to come back in coffins and body bags to get the point that supporting whatever it is that Netanyahu and Pence and Pompeo represent in the Middle East is not in any decent person's interest, either in that region or in the interest of the average American,” he added.

“And it's not simply wrong, it's not simply unethical and immoral, it's ultimately going to be proven to be against our own self-interest in terms of the average American and it's then and only then that I think that the American public is going to rise up and say enough of this.”

President Mahmoud Abbas says Palestine will nullify all agreements with the United States and Israel if Tel Aviv annexes any part of the occupied West Bank, urging the international community to block attempts by the regime to exploit the coronavirus outbreak and steal more Palestinian land.

The remarks came shortly after Netanyahu’s Likud Party submitted a bill to the parliament (Knesset) that calls for the imposition of Tel Aviv’s “sovereignty” over the Palestinian regions of the Jordan Valley, the northern D

The Israeli regime has been sharply emboldened by Trump’s pro-Israel polices, the latest of which is a contentious plot unveiled in January with the aim of legitimizing Israel’s occupation and re-drawing the Middle East map.ead Sea area and the occupied West Bank.

Trump’s self-proclaimed “deal of the century,” crafted to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, also calls for the creation of a Palestinian state with limited control over its own security and borders.

The scheme — drawn up in close cooperation with the Netanyahu administration — bars Palestinian refugees from returning to their homeland while enshrines Jerusalem al-Quds as “Israel’s undivided capital” and allows the regime to annex settlements and the Jordan Valley.

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