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There is only one state, Palestine: Analyst

In this file photo taken on January 31, 2020, Palestinian protesters perform the Friday prayer behind national flags during a protest against a so-called US-brokered Middle East peace plan, outside the West Bank village of Tamun near the Jordan Valley, on January 31, 2020. (By AFP)

By J. Michael Springmann

It would be good if the world press took up the cause of Palestine and its oppression by the apartheid lobbying Zionists. But unfortunately, the agreements that the Palestinian Authority has with Israel in the United States are essentially vague and are generally not observed by either Israel or the United States, such as the collection of moneys to pay the Palestinian Authority and other parts of occupied Palestine for things like medicine and salaries and stuff like this.

There are innumerable agreements that are not observed, and the Israelis have in fact annexed all of the so-called disputed territory that is not incorporated into what they call Israel which is essentially occupied Palestine. But in this case, you've got areas, A, B and C in the West Bank. A is mostly under the control of the Palestinian Authority. B is more so, except that it doesn't have security. It's a larger area perhaps it's an area where the Palestinians control the internal operations such as the economy, or the education and things like this. But areas, A, B and C, C being the largest party with more than 200 Zionist colonies located there with rows reserved only for Jews and others are restricted only Palestinians. The Israelis still control external security and in area C especially internal security.

So the Israelis have in fact annexed all of the area that they claim they're going to annex. They've done it the way they did with the Golan Heights, they occupied it, and eventually annexed it on paper but in actual fact, they’ve controlled it for years they've done the same thing with the areas A, B and C.

I think that the situation in the occupied areas that are not directly under the control of the Israelis on paper, are going to be continued and they're going to be annexed on paper as well as they've been annexed for years just like the Golan Heights, and the Quds Day should emphasize this, the Quds Day should say that the Palestinian Authority needs new blood, Quds Day should say that the agreements that the Palestinian Authority entered into, especially amongst the Oslo Accords decades ago, are null and void and have been null and void since the very beginning, and it's time to get some real publicity on this it's time to shoot down this nonsense about a two-state solution.

There is only one state, Palestine, which is occupied by fanatical Zionists, and it's time to send them packing, they can go anywhere they want except the United States. We have enough murderers, war criminals even rights violators of our own to deal with.

J. Michael Springmann (pictured above) is a Washington-based author and former US diplomat in Saudi Arabia. He made the comments during a phone interview with Press TV on Tuesday.

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