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Coronavirus pandemic: Pathological globalists implementing a depopulation program

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo attends a meeting between President Donald Trump and Italian President Sergio Mattarella (not pictured) in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington, DC, on October 16, 2019. (AFP photo)

By Walt Peretto   

US President Donald Trump is an employee of pathological globalists that have a monopoly on the creation of most of the world's moneyed currencies. Control of money equals control of material resources and official news and information. Control of resources and media equals control of governments which in turn controls mass populations. These pathological elites desire a sharp reduction in the world's population to around 500 million. An amount they deem desirable to serve their needs. The rest must be eliminated by various methods. This current pandemic fits neatly into this depopulation agenda.

Pandemics cause mass fear and mass changes of behavior and lower expectations in the expression of freedom. The slower Donald Trump allocates resources to state governments the faster people will die. A view of the current reality reveals massive changes in behavior so desired by Trump's handlers---restrictions on travel and local activities to name two. These changes are necessary to create a world order characterized by a single central global authority to be controlled by these elites. The polity for this vision can be called a 'global pathocracy' or one world system of control by clinical psychopaths and their ideological partners and enforcers.

Most of the world's population is now in fear. Some are already feeling the effects economically. People are seeking relief---which I'm sure will be provided by the elites through the governments they control. Vaccines containing long-term adverse health implications will likely be revealed soon. Some intellectuals call this process, 'problem, reaction, solution.' For example, create a problem like a viral pandemic---foment a global reaction of fear and sudden changes in lifestyle and public activity---then offer governmental solution with addendum programs for mass changes in behavior. Unfortunately, most people rely on government-sponsored news and information which reflects elite propaganda at the expense of truth and accuracy.

As long as they keep the masses from the truth---they will be easily manipulated. The mass changes in behavior we really need is the rejection of official propaganda and replacing it with truth-based news and information which includes recognition of the role that clinical psychopathy plays in the understanding of the world condition. With recent initiatives in internet censorship beginning with social media, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to easily access truth media while diverting resources toward official propaganda.

The time is now for people who possess a sense of sociopolitical reality to disseminate proven sources of truth, while identifying and discouraging the traditional and propagandistic sources of news that have contributed for many decades to the false beliefs embraced by millions who are suggestible to mass manipulation.  

*Walt Peretto (pictured above) is an American writer, researcher, analyst, and sociopolitical psychologist based in Washington, DC. He is a contributor to Press TV and other news agencies and is currently working on a trade book on sociopolitical systems psychology. He wrote this article for the Press TV website.

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