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Fighting the sanctions

US keeps imposing heavier sanctions on Iran along with its 'maximum pressure', however, Iran strengthens its resistance more.

Despite the increase of US's pressure, Iran refuses to give in. After the US came to the understanding that war with Iran will do it more bad than good, it has only the sanctions policy as its only option on the table. This is while Iran seems to be handling the situation very well. Dollar price has a downward trend and domestic industries have started flourishing.

In addition to the sanctions, as part of its 'maximum pressure' policy, the US keeps accusing Iran of different things such as the attack on the Saudi Aramco or the oil tanker in Oman’s Fujairah.

So far, Iran has not surrender to the US's pressures and tried to strengthen its domestic potentials in order to fight US's sanctions. Although the US sanctions have brought lots of difficulties for Iranian ordinary people but these sanctions have brought Iran numerous advantages.

The sanctions have strengthen Iran's industry and manufacturing sector. Iran has always wanted to control imports but it was never successful. But finally, the sanctions did the job for Iran apparently. Iran's companies are working full time; two shifts and some of them three shifts back to back and its markets are full of Iranian made home appliances with high quality.

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