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US in delusional denial of Yemen’s military power: Analyst

Followers of the Houthi Ansarullah movement carry a mock drone during a rally held to mark the Ashura, the martyrdom anniversary of the third Shia Imam, in Sa'ada, Yemen, September 10, 2019. (Photo by Reuters)

A political analyst says the United States is in “delusional denial” of Yemen’s military power after Washington sought to pin the blame for the recent Yemeni army raids on Saudi Arabia’s key oil facilities on Iran.

Syed Mohsin Abbas, commentator and journalist from London, told Press TV’s The Debate program on Monday that the Americans have done “nothing” to de-escalate the Saudi war on Yemen and have rather “exacerbated” it.

“They [Americans] want the war there. They want the Saudis to actually destroy Yemen and have no concern for the democratic rights of the Yemeni people,” the analyst said.

“The United States of America penned a $350 billion arms deal with Saudi Arabia in 2017, $110 billion of which was payable immediately. Of course, Saudi Arabia has taken that as a license to continue bombing civilians, the infrastructure of Yemen and basically try to return it to the medieval times,” he noted.

The political commentator also stressed that it is hard for Washington to believe Yemen’s assertion that it has carried out the drone raids on Aramco’s facilities in Saudi Arabia.

“It is hard for them to believe it because they are in delusional denial. They still feel that they are the boss in the Middle East, but things have moved on. I mean, if you look at the situation in Lebanon, ... Syria,... Iraq ... [and] Yemen, they’ve lost in virtually every one of these theaters of war,” he said.

Abbas also said the US needs to understand the new realities in the Middle East instead of getting involved in conflicts there on behalf of Israel.

The Americans, he said, have been trying to fuel the conflicts in the region “in order to assert their erstwhile dominance and control of the Middle East. But, what they really need to wake up to is that actually much of the Middle East, the resistance axis, for sure, has woken up to the fact that the American colonialism, imperialism ... need to come to an end."

The analyst further highlighted the Yemenis’ military power, saying they “have the capability to reach anywhere with their ballistic missiles and with their drones. That’s just the reality that the Saudis never expected and the US now has to take seriously.”

Abbas said that the Americans have always exercised “maximum deceit” policy across the Middle East, including in Lebanon, Syria and Iraq, while the Iranians are pursuing a defensive policy in their own territory.

He said, “Time and time again, America is finding itself on the side of al-Qaeda and ISIS (Daesh) yet is saying it’s fighting a war on terror. And, yet time and time again, it is the Iranians who are backing the forces,” who the Americans claim to be fighting against.

The analyst also criticized the Riyadh regime for sponsoring terror in the region through their proxies and private funders.

“The Saudis are the ones who are backing terrorism across the Middle East. It’s on record,” he said. “It’s the American weapons going via Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Qatar that have been financing that terrorism. And yet the Americans have the goal to say ‘it’s the Iranians who are causing problem in the Middle East.’ What a nonsense!” he said.

America “is no longer the policeman in the Middle East ... and it has to get out of the Middle East in terms of its immoral policies there and stop killing people just for its own financial gains,” he added.

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