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Tomb of Naserolhagh a major site of pilgrimage for Shias in Iran

The tomb of Abu Muhammad al-Hasan ibn Zayn al-Abidin also known as Naserolhaghin Amol

Ghanbar Naderi
Press TV, Amol

The city of Amol in Mazandaran province has many tourism and religious attractions. One of them is the ninth century tomb of Naserolhagh, better known as Abu Muhammad al-Hasan ibn Zayn al-Abidin.

Naserolhagh was a Shia missionary who re-established Alawi rule over the northern province of Tabaristan in 914, after fourteen years of Samani rule. He ruled Tabaristan until his death and is still recognized as Imam among the Zaydis of Yemen.

According to officials, Naserolhagh ruled over Tabaristan until his death in January 917, and even a Sunni historian like al-Tabari comments that the people had not seen anything like his justice, his good conduct, and his fulfillment of the right.

The Tomb of Naserolhagh has become a major site of pilgrimage for Shias and his descendants from Yemen. They all keep his surname al-Nasir in high esteem. 

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