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US not intent on conflict resolution with Iran: Commentator

Tehran-based political commentator Mostafa Khoshcheshm (seen on the left side on the video wall), and Robert Patillo, political strategist from Washington, D.C., address Press TV’s The Debate program on August 27, 2019.

A Tehran-based political commentator tells Press TV’s The Debate program that the US is not intent on resolving its standing conflict with Iran, citing Washington’s betrayal of its commitments to Tehran under a 2015 multilateral deal and re-imposition of tough economic bans on the Islamic Republic.

Mostafa Khoshcheshm was talking on the program on Tuesday, saying the United States’ reluctance to resolve the conflict with Iran manifested itself in its withdrawal from its 2015 multi-lateral nuclear agreement with the Islamic Republic last May.

Also signaling the US’s disinterest in de-escalation, he added, was Washington’s stepped-up campaign of economic pressure plus military threats against Tehran. This is while Tehran insists that Washington has to lift the bans before any talks could take place, the expert reminded.

His remarks came after French President Emanuel Macron claimed following talks with Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif that the stage was being set for a meeting between the Iranian and American presidents so that an agreement could be found.

US President Donald Trump said on the sidelines of a meeting of the G7 group of countries in France recently that “if the circumstances were correct…were right, I would certainly agree to that (talks with Iran).”

Khoshcheshm, however, noted, “They (the US) just mean to contain Iran’s power, weaken the country and the Islamic Republic, and then go for a regime change.”

Trump further warned Tehran that “in the meantime, they (Iranians) have to be good players….”

“They can’t do what they were saying they’re going to do because if they do that, they’re going to be met with really very violent force. We have no choice,” the US head of state added.

He was referring to Tehran’s bid to suspend more of its nuclear responsibilities, a reaction it has shown in the face of Washington and others’ non-commitment to the nuclear deal.

The commentator, meanwhile, pointed out how the US’s policy of pressure against the Islamic Republic has only been followed by the latter’s further invigoration. He cited the country’s notable progress in its nuclear program and military capabilities after Washington resorted to the policy.

Robert Patillo, political strategist from Washington, D.C., who was also being hosted on The Debate, described the United States’ policy vis-à-vis the Islamic Republic as a “carrot-and-stick” approach.

By employing the strategy, he said, Trump was trying to bring Iran back to the negotiation table. “He would put the carrot out first,” but would simultaneously try to ensure that Washington would not end up becoming a “pawn” on the international stage, he said.

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