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Lebanon's parties denounce Israeli drone attack

Mariam Saleh
Press TV, Beirut

Lebanon’s Hezbollah Movement has released a statement revealing new information regarding Israel’s recent drone attack in southern Beirut. The statement said experts have dismantled the first drone and found that it contained a sealed explosive device" of around 5.5 Kilograms. The purpose of the first drone, they said was not reconnaissance but act of aggression.

Meanwhile, representatives of the Lebanese factions met in solidarity with Hezbollah and stressed Lebanon’s right to retaliate and deter any attack.

Meanwhile the atmosphere at the southern border is that of calm and anticipation.

You see very little movement for Israeli vehicles on the ground, while reconnaissance planes are spotted occasionally. Experts believe Hezbollah will not be hasty in any retaliation which is inevitable.

Lebanon’s President has considered the attack a declaration of war and called on the higher defense council to meet soon and give an announcement which certifies Lebanon’s right to self-defense.

The explosive-laden drones were spotted in this neighborhood flying around the alleys. Experts believe the drones’ mission was either an assassination attempt or to cause a massive bombing.

Hezbollah says that Netenyahu’s latest moves are electoral, but could be suicidal.

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