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White supremacy not a partisan issue; both sides fund endless racist war: Daniel Patrick Welch

“All American presidents have been racists, going back to George Washington—the original GW,” Daniel Patrick Welch told Press TV Tuesday.

“All American presidents have been racists, going back to George Washington—the original GW,” American writer and political analyst Daniel Patrick Welch says.

In an interview with Press TV on Tuesday, Welch said that white supremacy is not a partisan issue, both Democratic and Republican Parties fund endless racist war.  

Biden on Tuesday slammed terrorism carried out by white supremacists, following the mass shootings over the weekend in El Paso, Texas. "The white supremacists are winning the battle,” Biden said. "This is domestic terrorism.”

Commenting on this, Welch said, “You know it is really infuriating when you hear someone like Joe Biden trying to pimp off this mass tragedy for votes. He is a fraud. And he and others like him discovered this notion of white supremacy— is an insult to those of us, you know historians and people from the communities that have been targeted by white supremacy for centuries have been laboring under.”

“The Democrats and the so-called left, the other ruling party is using this as a political football, and it’s a problem of course because Trump is a racist, of course his rhetoric is incendiary and it’s riling up these feelings among his base and it’s a nasty ugly thing. But it’s not necessary in opposing Trump to jump on board with this group of opportunists and charlatans who exemplify absolutely every single aspect of white supremacy, to achieve every single one—except the fact that they themselves are not burning crosses, they themselves are not taking an AR15 and going to a mall and shooting people,” he added.  

“But take someone like Joe Biden who co-authored the ‘94 crime bill [the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994], the essence of the New Jim Crow, who actually has repeatedly justified and apologized, I mean given apology for mass incarceration. The mass incarceration state is the concept of white supremacy brought to life,” he noted.

“And white supremacy is hundreds and hundreds of years old. It refers to the historical project of the Anglo-Saxon Empire. It created over the course of a half a millennium, a science, a whole branch of sciences—race science. Created cultures, created the weaponization of Christianity, language, this whole concept of racial superiority and even the idea of race itself which is a biological non-existence, but it’s been made into this weapon by all of these people and their historical antecedents,” he stated.

“It is absolutely ridiculous now for the other half of the War Party--Remember what Nyere said that the US is a one-party state too, but in typical American extravagance, they just have happened to have two of them,” he said.

'Trump is a racist idiot, but so is Biden'

“And of course the people in the US desperately need change, but actual change, not more of the New Jim Crow, not someone who is pimping for black votes because they know that’s the only difference between them and the Republican Party is that they can get—hopefully—mass turn out of black voters, and that’s not going to work if they pick someone like Biden,” he noted.

“So this project by the way, the Empire project and the exponent of white supremacy has been enormously successful in its project to conquer the world for 500 years, and now we stand at a point in history where the US as the heir to that imperial system has 900 bases all over the world, spends trillions on wars,” he said.  

“And our children are basted like Christmas turkeys, from cradle to grave, in this insane brainwashing of war. Camo ‘fashion??’ We have babies in pink camo because it’s cute—we are inuring an entire generation—this generation not to mention the last several hundred [years] into a constant state of war,” the analyst said.

“And these people think that a few background checks are going to change the course of history, this centuries-long attack on the rest of the world? It’s insulting. Why don’t they just stop militarizing the police, and allowing them to slaughter our children in the streets and allow nothing to happen to them—no consequence at all,” he said.  

“Where were they then? They were putting out talking points telling [democrat politicians] don’t appear to support the Black Lives Matter movement.  THAT is the Democrats. Trump is a racist? Of course he is! All American presidents have been racists, going back to George Washington—the original GW. That’s how it works—that’s the job. And our current dilemma stems from the fact that we’ve had the same goddamn president for 40 years! Yes, we need change. But it’s not going to come from this system, and it’s not going to come from changing the idiot in the White House. That’s not how change comes about,” he concluded.

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