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White racial terrorism in US as old as America itself: Pundit

Dr. Randy Short of the African Orthodox Church from Washington, D.C (L) and Fredrick Peterson, senior congressional defense advisor from New York, speak to Press TV’s The Debate program on August4, 2019.

An American pundit says the endemic acts of terrorism by whites against people of other races in the United States are as old as the country itself.

Dr. Randy Short of the African Orthodox Church made the remarks during an appearance on the Press TV's The Debate program from Washington, DC, on Sunday.

We have an issue of white identity extremist and white racial terrorism that’s as old as this country,” he said.

The country has perennially harbored a culture teaching “to dominate, to conquer, and control land that’s not yours, people that are unlike you,” Short said.

This culture ”has required this kind of terror and control,” He added.

The comments came after 29 people were killed and dozens more were injured in two separate mass shootings across the country.

One in El Paso, Texas, which was a targeted shooting focused on immigrants, claimed the most casualties and was rated as an instance of “domestic terrorism.”

So far this year, the country has witnessed 251 mass shootings, which is more than one a day.

Explaining the history of racially-charged killings in the country, Short also pointed to “lynching, where you’d have public murders of people, who are black and Indian, as a norm like a sports activity.”

Fredrick Peterson, a senior congressional defense advisor from New York, who was the other guest on the panel, countered the idea that the US was experiencing mass shootings on a regular basis.

He said the sources yielding figures about the fatal incidents were “very biased and misleading sources that have an interest in the issue politically.”

Peterson said the discussion over shooting incidents in the US had to be founded on a “reasonable definition of a mass shooting” and “common definitions.”

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