Montenegro olive tree 'significantly older than Christ'

Locals in a small Montenegrin port town claim their landmark olive tree is "significantly older than Christ," almost 2,250 years old.

For generations, this olive tree - named "Stara Maslina" - has been a sacred place for the residents of Bar, a small port town in southern Montenegro. They've wed, mourned and celebrated under its weary, old branches.

Nowadays, the olive tree is a tourist attraction and a protected natural site, not because of its size, but because of its age. Stara Maslina is thought to be almost 2,250 years old. Visitors come to admire the 10-metre wide tree and its interwoven, knotted branches.

Locals say the olive tree was once privately-owned. Its owner refused to sell it to Italian occupiers during the Second World War, who wanted to dig it up and transport it to Italy. Instead, in 1957, post-war authorities put the tree under state protection and let an olive oil producing company take charge. That all changed in 2003, says Milovic.

(Source: AP) 



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