Women deprived of their fair share

A 2018 report says women are only earning about 50 cents for every dollar a man makes. (Getty image)

The world is unequal. A bitter fact, yet quite true.

The economic inequality in general is a subject often talked about. But what is usually ignored is the gender pay inequality.

Take a look around you. Do women in your workplace earn as much as men? How many women do you know that make more money than men in his age and work situation? Hard to answer?

While the increase of female labor force participation results in faster economic growth, women continue to participate in labor markets on an unequal basis with men.

Figures show that the male employment-to-population ratio is much higher compared to women, and women continue to earn only 60 to 75 percent of men’s wages globally.

According to the data released by Oxfam, women perform 66 percent of the work, produce 50 percent of the food, but earn only 10 percent of the income and own one percent of the property.

Women also do more unpaid work, from housekeeping to caring for children and the elderly.

According to the Global Gender Gap Report, only 22 percent of the world's AI professionals are female, this is while the rest is all male-dominated. That’s why you hardly see a woman in a leading role of a company.

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