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Although unpopular, Johnson will end up being UK PM: Analyst

Conservative MP Boris Johnson leaves his residence in south London on May 28, 2019.

A senior analyst from New York believes British conservative politicians Boris Johnson has a relatively good chance to become next British prime minister despite his immense unpopularity among voters and other Tory politicians.

“He is thoroughly unpopular with lot of Conservative MPs although they might support him if they think he is the best hope of actually getting reelected themselves,” said Ian Williams in a Wednesday interview with the Press TV.

Williams said Johnson did his utmost to lead a 2016 European Union withdrawal referendum to victory so that he could finally enter Number 10 Downing Street.

“Boris Johnson is the person who precipitated this whole Brexit crisis by calling for the referendum. He did so to upstage the leader of his own party of the time in order to become leader of the Conservative Party and prime minister of Britain,” said Williams.

The analyst said, however, that Johnson’s ardent campaigning for Brexit is only a show to propel him to the top job in the UK government.

“And don’t think many people really think that he really sincerely cares ... whether Britain is in the European Union or not,” he said, adding, “What he cares is whether he is in Number 10 Downing Street or not. It’s the only concern that you could really put your hand on your heart and say that he has.”

Williams also touched upon reports suggesting Johnson is planning a divorce from his current wife so he can move to the official government residence in London with a former spin doctor if he becomes prime minister.

He said Johnson’s way of treating the family is quite reflective of his unfaithfulness to the conservative party and the country.

“He has been demonstrably unfaithful to his party and his country, never mind to his previous or existing spouse,” he said, adding “It’s quite touching that he wants to take a future spouse into Number 10 but on the other hand his chances of doing so is not that high.”

Johnson, who left London mayoralty after the referendum to become foreign minister under Prime Minister Theresa May, later resigned from the cabinet in protest against May’s Brexit strategy.

He is currently the top chance among 11 Conservative Party lawmakers to replace May who announced Friday that she would resign on June 7, allowing a Tory party leadership vote in late July.

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