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Venezuela is one of the last remaining bulwarks against US imperialism: Writer

Members of Venezuela's Bolivarian militia demonstrate in support of President Nicolas Maduro in Caracas on February 27, 2019. (AFP photo)

Venezuela is one of the few remaining countries that remain a bulwark against a one world dystopia led by US imperialism, an American journalist and political analyst says.

“The battle to absorb Venezuela into the Zio/American/Anglo ‘one world order’ is now in its twentieth year and in the crucial days of its latest offensive,” Walt Peretto said in an interview with Press TV on Thursday.

“The main impediment to these plans thus far has been the freely elected government in Caracas that has lifted millions out of poverty since 1999 in defiance of the globalist movement led overtly by the United States, with tacit assistance by Great Britain and other Western propaganda machines. These proponents of a one world government have been taking steps to crash the Venezuelan economy since at least 2013 and now the Western propaganda machine is in high gear trying to blame the crisis in Venezuela on the Maduro regime despite the lack of any evidence,” he added.

“This crisis can be analyzed in terms of the Hegelian Dialectic, a geopolitical philosophy advocating the creation of crisis where there was none before, and then offering solutions to the crisis under the guise of government to the rescue. The current crisis in Venezuela has been manufactured first by the international banking community based primarily in London, which has used US sanctions and the subsequent devaluation of the Venezuelan currency which has caused inflation that has been blamed solely on Maduro’s government,” the analyst said.  

“Now the globalists, through the US, has been offering ‘humanitarian aid’ as a public relations scheme and as cover to distribute weapons to the political opposition, and offer bribes to military officials, and entice rabble-rousers to try to turn the population against the elected government. It’s my hope that the awoken world community will clearly see through this putsch and work to stop it before thousands of innocents die in a bloody insurrection,” he stated.  

“The last major attempt at regime change in Venezuela occurred on April 11, 2002 when then President Hugo Chavez was deposed for 47 hours before his common constituency and loyalists stood up to the invasion and the government was restored. Since then Venezuela has been placed on the back burner of countries to invade, while the Middle East and parts of North and Central Africa have been turned into chaos. It was only a matter of time before Venezuela would return to the forefront,” he noted.  

“The Chavez and Maduro governments have been categorized by observers of all stripes as politically ‘leftist’ in nature. This has led to politically right-wing people in the US and around the world to be in favor of regime change in Venezuela. But it is very important to understand that in Venezuela the political ‘left’ is very different from the political ‘left’ in the United States. In the US, the ‘left,’ led by the Democratic Party, are essentially a globalist party that would like to see a borderless one-world government led by the United Nations or some similar body,” Peretto said.

“In the US, the political ‘left’ often demonizes the political ‘right’ as nationalists who advocate a reactionary and belligerent nation characterized by individual freedoms that infringe upon the broader citizenry. The US ‘left’ also sees the ‘right’ as greedy, individualistic, and racist. The ‘left’ is to some extent frightened of individual freedoms and looks to government to protect their academic ideologies of forced diversity and reparations for the sins of our ancestors. The US ‘left’ envisions and fights for the relinquishment of US sovereignty and the building of a strong world socialist structure that will insure the management of ‘equality’ and environmentalism under the guises of social justice and the war on climate change. The left is being lured with the bait of a benevolent one world government right into the cage of permanent unchallenged tyranny. The US ‘right,’ at least on the grass roots level with its call for freedom of speech and individual determination, is a better deterrent to a one world dystopia than the ‘left,’” he noted.

“In Venezuela, the political left and political right essentially have a completely different contrast than in the US. The left in Venezuela is a Bolivarian movement that believes in fighting corruption, globalism, and corporate and political tyranny. They advocate free elections open to the most competent---not just the most globally connected. The political right in Venezuela, who are free to run their candidates for elections, are characterized by corruption, cronyism, and especially the promises of a one world government so touted by the American ‘left,’” Peretto said.   

“I hope this helps to clear up some of the confusion that has been purposely spun by the corrupt Western/globalist corporate media. I urge all free and independent thinkers to consider what I’ve just said and go out and research this subject further instead of relying on the lies of the mainstream media in the US, Britain, and elsewhere. Venezuela is one of the few remaining countries that still have free elections and remain a bulwark against a one world dystopia led by global organized psychopathy. Losing Venezuela will be one of the final steps toward establishing a global dystopia which may be the possible final nail in the coffin a free empathic humanity – or what’s left of it,” he concluded.

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