UK PM’s Brexit deal awful, pushes Britain into chaos: Analyst

Ian Williamson spoke to Press TV on Thursday.

A senior political analyst from New York has told Press TV that British Prime Minister Theresa May’s deal on the country’s withdrawal from the European Union is a failure as it does not deliver on a popular vote in 2016 to leave the bloc.

“The point is that it is a really lousy deal from every point of view, what’s the point of leaving the European Union if you leave control of all of the major sectors of your economy and rules in the hands of Brussels but you abdicate the say, any say that Britain might have,” said Ian Williams, an author of the Foreign Policy in Focus, in an interview with Press TV on Thursday.

Williams reiterated that the draft Brexit deal reached by May after months of negotiations with the EU was “going to be a recipe for immiseration and economic chaos”, saying that it will further impact a British economy that has already been “ravaged” by years of austerity programs.

He said more ministers from May’s cabinet could resign over the deal either because they don’t like the whole idea of Brexit or they think that the agreement “is not Brexit enough”, meaning that it does not put enough distance between Britain and EU.

He said the entire ruling Conservative Party is to blame for the current complex situation in Britain as the whole Brexit process began several years ago when people like former foreign minister Boris Johnson and others tried to use the Brexit campaign to reach to the leadership of the party.

Balkanized Britain

He said the Conservatives have now reached a deal with the EU that could “balkanize” Britain as it would separate Northern Ireland from the rest of the UK for at least several years to come.

“We have to remember that the official name of the Conservative Party is the Conservative and Unionist Party; its very foundation was based upon the premise that Ireland was part of Britain, and certainly Northern Ireland, and to betray those people is betraying its very foundation,” noted Williams.

The analyst further said that there is a huge chance that May fails to go through the parliament with her Brexit deal, saying there could be a vote of confidence in May and the government if all parties vote together against the deal.

He said that scenario could lead to the rise of the opposition Labour Party to power, adding that such a rise would come with promises of scrapping the current agreement and starting a new Brexit process by calling a new referendum with a “whole range of alternatives there” such as whether people would support “a full Brexit with all of the consequences”.

Williams concluded that the current chaotic situation in the British politics is the direct result of the June 23, 2016 referendum in which people were forced to vote yes or no. He said it would not be undemocratic for Britain to scrap the previous referendum and call a new vote as “there are now a completely different set of circumstances” and people have “new information” on Brexit.

“This is a very complex situation and highlights the dangers of referenda which are by their very nature yes-no questions and (in) some questions there more than 50 shades of grey and this one of them,” he said, adding, “Votes aren’t forever, you know, you vote for a government expecting that in five or six years you have the chance to vote it out again.”

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