War on terror death toll count

A study by Brown University in the US has revealed shocking details about the human costs of so-called US wars on terror.

About 507,000 people were killed in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan over the past 17 years. The death toll includes U.S. and allied troops, civilians in the war zones, local military and police forces, as well as militants, who have died from war violence.

According to the report the number of indirect deaths is several times higher than what is caused by direct war violence, bringing the total death count to well over one million people.

The report says over the period, 147,000 people were killed in Pakistan and over 65,000 lost their lives in neighboring Afghanistan. Afghanistan was invaded by the US and its allies in 2001. The rest of the deaths, between 268,000 and 295,000, occurred in Iraq. The US invaded the country back in 2003.

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