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Basra closure shows US ‘messed up’ in Iraq: Ex-Pentagon official

A member of the Iraqi security forces stands guard in front of the local government headquarters in the southern city of Basra during a meeting headed by the newly elected Iraqi parliament speaker on September 18, 2018. (AFP photo)

The US messed up in Iraq and now they want to make Iran a scapegoat for their botched policies, according to a former Pentagon official.

Former Pentagon security analyst Michael Maloof told Press TV in a phone interview on Saturday that the US State Department’s decision to close and evacuate its consulate in Basra in southern Iraq is proof that Washington messed up.

The US State Department ordered closed the consulate over what it deemed as security risks following violent incidents in the southern Iraqi city.

Maloof said that the US has lost control in Iraq due to the dire security situation there.  

“The US realized that it is absolutely losing its ability to control events in Iraq generally because of the political situation there,” he said.

Maloof noted that the people of Iraq are against US presence in the country 

“People of Iraq have decided that they don’t want the US influence around any longer, because of all the havoc that it has already created,” he said. 

The analyst said US President Donald Trump and the neoconservatives want to place the blame on Iran for the America's failure to restore and maintain peace and security in Iraq. 

“The US is concerned about the influence of Iran in Iraq, simply because they messed up when they were there. They played the power politics that went against the will of the people, and people are rebelling now,” he said.

Maloof said that despite concerns rising form botched policies, “the neocons absolutely have influence in the region and want to maintain control.”  

He said the US plans to regain control of Iraq by putting the blame for unrest on Iran. “This is all part of the neoconservative movement and Mantra to cast expulsions on Iran, and blame them for everything that happens in that part of the world," he said.

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