‘US no longer enjoys intl. support for sanctions on Russia’

A man walks away from the US Treasury Department in Washington, US, on August 6, 2018. (Photo by Reuters)

The United States no longer enjoys the support of other countries for unilateral action against Russia, says an analyst, adding that there is division even in Washington itself over imposing new bans on Moscow.

“People need to understand that the situation is that there is a divided sort of authority at the moment in Washington. You have the Democrats in the House and the Senate pushing hard on the Trump administration on sanctions related to [alleged Russian meddling in] the [2016 presidential] elections,” Frank Emspak, executive director of the Workers Independent News, told Press TV in an interview on Wednesday.

“Meanwhile, even though the Democrats are pushing for this, you have [US President Donald] Trump sort of saying, ‘Well, maybe we shouldn’t do this!’ and he delayed a long time following through on Congress’s resolution. So we don’t really have a very clear picture. That is one aspect of this,” Emspak added.

“The second aspect is this: both China and Russia and to some extent other countries are not really supportive of the United States taking unilateral action against other countries, and so, there is not the kind of support that the United States would wish [to garner for sanctions on Moscow],” he added.

The US has already introduced several rounds of sanctions against the government of President Vladimir Putin for what it says are Russia’s meddling in the 2016 US elections and involvement in the Ukrainian conflict.

Russia has taken a reciprocal approach.

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