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US has used NATO to maintain hegemony over Europe: Analyst

The NATO military alliance has helped the United States to maintain its dominance over Europe’s security and international affairs and keep the continent under its hegemony, long after the Cold War, an American analyst says.

“Traditionally, ever since the NATO alliance was created back in the 1940s, the United States has essentially covered most of the cost in return for Europe’s deference to Washington with regards to international geo-political interests,” said Keith Preston, chief editor of

The arrangement is that the United States essentially provides for the military defense of Europe and then Europe is expected to be deferent to the foreign policy objectives of the United States,” Preston told Press TV on Thursday.

“They [US] like the fact that they are able to use the relationship between NATO and Europe to essentially exercise hegemony over Europe and the European nations are largely satellite states of the United States in this regard,” he added.

Overall, the US provides about 22 percent of NATO’s roughly $2 billion budget based on a formula that accounts for the national income of member states.

Since taking office, US President Donald Trump has repeatedly criticized NATO over how the alliance is funded and pressured other member states to increase military spending.

However, Trump has made a number of misleading claims about NATO.

NATO was formed in 1949 following the end of World War II as the US and its Western allies sought to counter the Soviet Union's growing influence in Europe and beyond.

During the annual NATO summit this week, Trump called members of the alliance "delinquent" in their defense spending and insisted they increase it "immediately."

Trump singled out Germany, calling Berlin a “captive” of Russia.

"What good is NATO if Germany is paying Russia billions of dollars for gas and energy? Why are there only 5 out of 29 countries that have met their commitment? The US is paying for Europe's protection, then loses billions on Trade. Must pay 2% of GDP IMMEDIATELY, not by 2025," Trump tweeted Wednesday.

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