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US seeking to provoke Iran in Persian Gulf: Analyst

USS Hurricane leads six ships of Patrol Coastal Squadron 1 in the Persian Gulf, March 2015.

The United States is maintaining a large naval presence in the Persian Gulf possibly to provoke Iran in the wake of President Donald Trump's decision to withdraw from the 2015 international nuclear deal with Tehran, says a political analyst from London.

The US Navy is closely monitoring Iranian forces in the Persian Gulf and expects a “period of uncertainty” and increased level of alertness, according to Admiral John Richardson, chief of US Naval Operations.

“It is a period of uncertainty that we are entering into right, how the whole world will respond to this latest development,” Richardson said Monday.

“(We have to) remain alert, I mean even a little bit more alert than usual to just be open to any kind of response or new development or something like that,” he added.

Speaking to Press TV, writer and journalist Aram Garrie said, “This story is yet another provocative move and an intentional provocative move from the Washington regime.”

“There is the United States’ large naval presence in the Parisian Gulf which are there at the moment to provoke Iran,” he noted. “It’s all part of an effort to try to squeeze Iran anywhere it is except on its actual terrestrial territory.”

Garrie said that the United States, however, is fully aware of Iran’s military power and alliances in the region and cannot afford to take risks.

“The US has made it clear, for all intents and purposes, that it is too afraid of actually doing to Iran what it horribly did to Yugoslavia in 1991, Iraq in 2003 and Libya in 2011,” he said.

“Instead the US is using a combination of hybrid threats and hybrid warfare which are the culmination of sanctions on Iran and Iranian assets and the threat of sanctions against Iranian partners.”  


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