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US seeking ‘unchallenged global dominance’ via satellite states in MidEast

The Unites States is after “satellite states” in the Middle East to gain global dominance unchallenged by other superpowers, an analyst says.

Chicago-based author and radio host Stephen Lendman made the comments in a Tuesday interview with Press TV.

“America aims for unchallenged global dominance; its primary strategy is waging naked aggression against countries threatening no one,” he said, while explaining the reason for the high number of US military bases across the globe.

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The political commentator exemplified the Unites States’ “endless” wars in the Middle East and northern Africa, asserting that they have “escalated” under President Donald Trump although he had promised otherwise.

“America wants dominance over the region; it wants all sovereign and independent countries to transform into US satellite states with puppet regimes serving US interests,” said the analysts.

He further noted that Iran is a “prime target” as it enjoys sovereignty and an elected government.

“Washington wants it replaced,” Lendman explained. “It hasn’t worked out the way America planned.”

He further speculated that Washington would fail to fulfill its agenda.

“Sooner or later, this is going to come to an end; America is not achieving its objectives. Russia is certainly opposed to it; China is opposed to it.”

The analyst suggested that such a foreign policy would ultimately isolate the US even further.

“America makes more enemies than friends. The longer its campaign of destructiveness goes on, the more enemies it will make.”

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