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Trump lashing out at other nations over his fear of US empire’s decline: Analyst

Abayomi Azikiwe

US President Donald Trump’s disparaging and racist comments about other ethnic groups and religions underscore his ignorance and fear of the declining American empire, an African American journalist in Detroit says.

“Now that the United States is in decline during the 21 century, where you have countries in Asia and Africa that are fastly approaching the levels of the United States, Trump is lashing out, trying to stigmatize and stereotype people from different parts of the world,” said Abayomi Azikiwe, editor at the Pan-African News Wire.

“This will not work; this is merely the cries of a dying system,” Azikiwe said in a phone interview with Press TV on Sunday.

According to an explosive report from the New York Times, Trump said during a meeting in June that people coming from Haiti "all have AIDS," that recent Nigerian immigrants would never "go back to their huts" in Africa and that Afghanistan is a terrorist haven.

The report, citing two unnamed officials, said the White House meeting included Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, White House Chief of Staff John Kelly and senior officials, including White House adviser Stephen Miller.

At the meeting, Tillerson had provided Trump with a list of how many immigrants received visas to enter the United States in 2017.

The newspaper said its report was the product of more than three dozen interviews.

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders issued a statement blasting the paper and denying that Trump had made the comments.

"Senior staff actually in the meeting deny these outrageous claims and it's both sad and telling the New York Times would print the lies of their anonymous 'sources' anyway," Sanders said.

Trump has been widely criticized for his racist and immigration policies.

A majority of Americans think Trump is doing more to divide the country and believe hate crimes have dramatically increased since his election, polls have found.

UN human rights experts have urged the US government to "unequivocally and unconditionally" condemn racist speech and hate crimes in the country, warning that a failure to do so could fuel further violent clashes by white supremacist groups.

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