US arms in militant hands

This screen grab shows a so-called Free Syrian Army militant operating a US-made BGM-71 TOW missile in Syria.

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US arms in militant hands

Amid continuing victories for the Syrian army in its fight against a wide array of terror groups across the country, military officials have shown journalists what they have described as US made arms seized from Daesh. The terror group left the weapons behind while being forced out of al-Mayadeen city by Syrian government troops. The Syrian Arab Army general: "It will take us at least six days to take out all these trophies left here by Daesh fighters after their escape. There are a lot of weapons and various foreign made means of communication."

Don’t criticize Saudi Arabia

The UK defense secretary Michael Fallon has stirred a controversy through his latest remarks on London’s arms deals with Saudi Arabia. He’s asked British lawmakers not to criticize the Kingdom’s war-mongering policies and its bleak rights record: The reason? The criticism would harm weapons exports to Saudi Arabia. “I have to repeat, sadly, to this committee that obviously criticism of Saudi Arabia in this parliament is not helpful and ... I’ll leave it there.” Fallon also told MPs that they need to do everything to encourage the Saudis to buy more UK-made weapons.

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