Russia-US-NATO tug of war 

US and Russia

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Russia-US-NATO triangle tug of war 

The United States and Russia are longtime military and political rivals and are locked in a constant tug of war for influence across the world. Rivalry between the two superpowers currently has two main hotspots. One of them is Syria where the US and Russia are backing opposing sides of the conflict and have at some points come close to direct confrontation. The other hotspot is Eastern Europe and the Baltic region. The United States and the American-led North Atlantic Treaty Organization have intensified their eastward expansion. The US-led bloc is building more bases and deploying additional troops to counter what it describes as Russia’s efforts to control the region. Moscow however, warns that the West is using every possible pretext to move closer to Russian territory.  

Hamas-Fatah reconciliation

The Palestinian resistance movement Hamas has supported a plan to reconcile with its rival Fatah, after over a decade of division between the two factions that left the Palestinian territories split. Hamas and Fatah plan to form a unity government but no details of the deal have been made public. Palestinian President and Fattah leader Mahmoud Abbas has welcomed the possible pact. Previous accords have collapsed for different reasons. The two factions fought street battles in Gaza in 2007, after Fatah refused to hand over control of the region when Hamas won the Palestinian elections. Since then the resistance movement has run Gaza, while Fatah has ruled in parts of the Israeli-occupied West Bank through the Palestinian authority. 

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