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Two-state solution for Palestinians and Israelis is ‘totally fraudulent’

Ralph Schoenman

The two-state solution for Israelis and the people of Palestine that the US Democrats and Republicans have pursued over the years is “totally fraudulent,” according to American author Ralph Schoenman.

A senior White House official told Reuters on Tuesday that US President Donald Trump will not pursue decades of American policy in favor of the two-state solution in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

"A two-state solution that doesn't bring peace is not a goal that anybody wants to achieve," the official said.

The statement came as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was about to meet the new US president at the White House on Wednesday.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (R) and Donald Trump shake hands during a meeting at the Trump Tower in New York on September 25, 2016.

Schoenman, former personal secretary of British philosopher Bertrand Russell, told Press TV on Wednesday that the “statement today by Trump that he is not insisting upon a two-state solution and is prepared to accommodate himself to Netanyahu’s determination to abandon and reject the possibility of a two-state solution, is essentially an embrace of an agenda on the part of both Israel and the United States of an escalated conflict in the region.”

“[A]lthough the two-state solution that the Democrats and Republicans have pursued over the years has been totally fraudulent -  in  as much as they tolerated the efforts on the part of Zionists to expel Palestinians, to seize their land, to seize their water, [and] to render any sort of two-state solution little more than Bantustan - to abandon the very idea of the right of the Palestinian people with any form of sovereignty in their own land,  is to open the door to their expulsion, and to attacks in the region, as we saw with Trump’s attack on Yemen  [and his] threats to Iran with respect to Iran’s testing of a missile, which they have every right to do,” he added.

“So it’s an ominous indication - with Netanyahu coming to visit Trump – [that] Trump is prepared to embrace an escalation of the conflict in the region with really serious prospects [for] the armed expulsion of the Palestinians and the escalation of US attacks in the region, including on Iran,” the analyst stated.   

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