Bahrain’s ‘suicidal behavior’ serving Israel interests, activist says

This file photo shows Bahraini police forces. (Photo by Reuters)

The Bahraini regime has spared no effort to clamp down on dissent ever since a popular uprising began in the kingdom in February 2011. 

Massoud Shadjareh, a member of the Islamic Human Rights Commission in London, believes the real issue in Bahrain is the “unwillingness” of the Al Khalifah royal family to address the “legitimate needs and aspirations" of its own citizens.

“The Bahraini regime does not want to have a solution to the issue of Bahrain. The Bahraini regime wants to continue and escalate this conflict and it has been doing so from the beginning,” the activist told Press TV in an interview on Friday.

He also stated that Manama's unwillingness to address the demands of the Bahrainis is “counterproductive” to its own interests, because it is costing the country and the ruling family “heavily.”

The activist also argued that no one is profiting from the “suicidal behavior” of the Al Khalifah regime except Israel, which has always benefited from creating conflicts in the Middle East.

Shadjareh went on to say that the resilient of the Bahraini people has been “commendable” not just because they have “stood their grounds peacefully,” but because they have resisted “everything that has been thrown at them.”

He also noted the Bahraini regime's continued crackdown on dissent will lead to the “downfall” of the kingdom.

According to the activist, the ruling family in Bahrain should manage to reach an "accommodation" with its own citizens in order to survive.

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