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US saber-rattling against Russia threatening world security: Commentator

American soldiers are pictured during a welcome ceremony at the Polish-German border in Olszyna, Poland on January 12, 2016. (Photo by AFP)

Polish leaders have welcomed US troops deployed to their country, with the defense minister referring to the development as the fulfillment of a dream Poles have had for decades. The troops, along with a large amount of military equipment, are part of an operation aimed at bolstering NATO’s Eastern European allies. The deployment is the largest movement of an armed US military brigade to Europe since the conclusion of the Cold War. Moscow has labeled the move as aggressive and a direct threat to Russia.

Talking to Press TV, Joe Lombardo, with United National Anti-war Coalition, described the US military buildup as an act of aggression that would make both the United States and Eastern European countries less secure.

Asked about the possibility of seeing a fundamental change in the US policy towards Russia during the tenure of Donald Trump, he said he didn’t expect to see any meaningful difference under the new administration.

Lombardo described Trump’s pick for the post of defense secretary, James Mattis, as “a crazy person and a real warmonger. In fact, his nickname is Mad Dog. He made it very clear that there would be no holding back on NATO troops going to Eastern Europe and the missile defense system that they have implemented there. So, I don’t think there would be any change at all relating to Russia with the US military.”

He further called Donald Trump’s detente policy with Russia as a mere electoral slogan that he used during his campaign trail like the previous US presidents.

“There are many people in the United States that looked at the Obama administration and also at Hillary Clinton as very much pro-war. I think he [Trump] was speaking to the anti-war sentiment which is very high in the United States," the analyst noted, adding that there is a wide gap between campaign promises and reality in the United States and the reality is that Donald Trump's administration is more anti-Russia than that of Barack Obama. 

The United States has been involved in many wars during the last 20 years, Lombardo said, adding that those wars all have been against small countries and now for the first time, it is saber-rattling against nuclear powers Russia and China.

“This is a danger for everybody in the world and what's really needed is that the world has to recognize that danger and help pull the United States back from this aggressive stance,” he concluded.


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