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Regime change project in Syria doomed to failure: Pundit

Syrians in their car flash the sign of victory as they celebrate in the streets on December 22, 2016 in Aleppo. (Photo by AFP)

Aleppo has fully returned to the Syrian government’s control after the last batch of civilians and militants were evacuated from the northwestern city. The Syrian government soldiers and allied forces have succeeded in inflicting a great blow to Takfiri militant groups in Aleppo. One of the terrorist groups called Nureddin al-Zenki has described the defeat in eastern Aleppo as a great loss for foreign-sponsored militants who are wreaking havoc in Syria and trying to overthrow the Damascus government.

Richard Becker, with the ANSWER Coalition from San Francisco, says despite providing militants with all-out support, Western powers and their allies have failed to implement their regime change policy in Syria.

The US, its NATO allies, Saudi Arabia and certain other states in the region must understand that the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad will not be overthrown, Becker told Press TV on Friday night.

Since al-Qaeda-affiliated groups and Daesh terrorists have the agenda of regime change in Syria, they do not intend to come to the negotiating table, and they could not find out that “the Syrian government is not about to fall,” he said.

Western powers and their mainstream media, the analyst said, try to put the blame for the failure of political negotiations on the Syrian and Russian governments.

“But the groups that don’t want to negotiate, that are adamantly opposed to any form of negotiations, are the strongest groups in the Syrian opposition,” he added.

Becker said a newly-revealed report in 2012 has revealed that the Defense Intelligence Agency of the US had called on the country to "depend on whipping up the Sunni-Shia struggle in Syria and in the Middle East in general.”

“The United States and its allies, its NATO allies -- Britain, France, Turkey and others -- its allies in the region – Qatar and Saudi Arabia -- have poured billions and billions of dollars into fighting the government and are seeking to overthrow the government of Syria,” he said.

“There is a long-standing intention to bring down the government” in Syria, he said, adding the US had pumped weaponry into the Arab country to go along with the long-run regime change policy. 

The US and its allies could not implement the project because the Syrian people “decided that it was far preferable to live under the Assad Baath Party government than it would be to live under the government headed by al-Nusra or ISIS (Daesh) or any of the groups that share that ideology,” he said.

Becker said the destruction inside Syria, contrary to the way the mainstream media presents, is mainly due to the intervention by foreign forces including foreign mercenaries.

However, “there has been this incredible demonization of Russia and of the Syrian government and its other allies inside the United States,” he said.

Brent Budowsky, a columnist with The Hill newspaper from Washington, said Syria now needs a political solution that will include all of the different parties except the hardcore terrorists.

"It has to include the Syrian opposition, it has to include the different fates, it has to include the majority of the people who [are not] being represented,” he said.

The columnist expressed hope that there would be “a political solution” but blamed Syria and Russia for the lack of a peaceful settlement.

Budowsky touched upon the policy of US President-elect Donald Trump in the Middle East, saying that Trump does not have “the slightest idea what he is going to do."

He touched on the consequences of a conflict of interests between the US and Russia, saying the world was "entering the very dangerous moment in world history."

"Just in the last 24 hours, both Donald Trump and [Russian President] Vladimir Putin have talked about renewing and bringing back the nuclear arms race,” he said.

Trump on Thursday called for expanding the nuclear weapons capability of the United States, sparing a wave of alarm and condemnation around the world.


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