Syria owes victory to Hezbollah: Expert

In this picture dated November 5, 2016, Lebanese in southern Beirut attend the funeral of three Hezbollah fighters killed in Syria. (Photo by AFP)

The secretary general of the Lebanese resistance movement has promised imminent victory for Syrian government forces in the city of Aleppo. Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah has said the only option for Syria and the resistance movement is safeguarding the region as well as the Islamic civilization against Takfiri threats. Hezbollah fighters have been helping the Syrian army to liberate Aleppo.

Hezbollah has played an effective role in foiling plots hatched by the West and its allies to destroy Syria through terrorism, activist and political commentator from London Shabbir Hassanally told Press TV on Friday night.

“Hezbollah has of course given many martyrs to protect Syria and Hezbollah has been very instrumental, even before Russia got involved into equation," he said.

"It was Hezbollah and the Syrian Arab Army that were defeating Jabhat al-Nusra and all of these other factions that were all supported by Israel,” he added.

Hassanally said without Hezbollah, Syria would have been in a very different place right now.

"It wouldn’t be about to be liberated and the thing is Hezbollah provides the inspiration and the Zionists cannot stand that,” he said.

“The resistance bloc has been really the last bastion of defense against this Takfiri threat and we call it a Takfiri threat but actually it’s a Zionist-manufactured and paid for out of London and Washington and Paris.”

The use of Takfiri threat has been a strategy by the West and the Zionism to try to break Syria up into small parts and "to remove one of the key elements in the resistance chain,” he noted.

“Like Sayyed Hassan [Nasrallah] said the victory is on the horizon," Hassanally said. "Aleppo will very soon be free. There are stories of Takfiris who are running away literally, trying to escape.”

The activist reiterated the need to safeguard the region as well as the Islamic civilization against the Takfiri threat, "because the Takfiri threat is everywhere and it threatens every society and school of thought."

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