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US sees war in Ukraine as advantageous to Clinton: Analyst

Bennett says Hillary Clinton is obsessed with war with Russia.

The Obama administration might try to trigger a confrontation with Russia in Ukraine to provide an advantage for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton before the presidential elections in November, says a political commentator.

Scott Bennett, a former US Army psychological warfare officer, made the remarks in an interview with Press TV on Saturday while commenting on statements by Lieutenant General Ben Hodges, the commander of the US Army in Europe, who called on Russia to allow observation of its military exercises in the Black Sea.

"That would do a lot, frankly, to lower anxiety," Hodges said, adding that, "There's nothing wrong with an exercise. It's ... the lack of transparency."

Bennett, however, argued that despite Hodges’ claims, “the real reason is simply to try and gain an advantage over military forces in the future war that they are going to try and trigger with Russia.”

He said that it is “very obvious to Russia and it’s very obvious to us in the intelligence community and the military that the United States under the Obama administration is going to initiate some sort of a war or confrontation through the Ukrainian mercenaries; through the Ukrainian president.”

US soldiers stand atop a tank during a joint military drill at the Vaziani training area outside capital of Georgia, Tbilisi, on May 24, 2016. © AFP

The analyst asserted that a conflict would very likely happen before the November elections in an effort to increase support for Hillary Clinton.

“And the reason for that is of course is to deteriorate support for [Republican Presidential nominee] Donald Trump and increase support for Hillary Clinton and that would be a great tragedy of course, because Hillary Clinton, a psychopathic war hawk, is obsessed with war with Russia, is obsessed with war with Iran and she is going to do everything she can to enable it,” Bennett said.

“So this is what’s going to happen most likely in the next coming months,” he added.

Bennett also said that in the wake of any incursion, Russia should not take an aggressive posture, “because any aggressive countermeasures are exactly the trap that they are going to lure the Russians and [President] Vladimir Putin into.”

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