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UN doing nothing about Daesh crimes in Iraq: Activist

Iraqi security forces collect the remains of people killed by the Daesh terrorist group from a mass grave on January 26, 2016, a day after it was found in the al-Jamiya area of central Ramadi. (AFP photo)

Press TV has interviewed Sabah Jawad, director of Iraqi Democrats Against Occupation in London, about UN Special Envoy for Iraq Jan Kubis saying over 50 mass graves have been found in various parts of Iraq after Baghdad’s retaking of areas from the Daesh Takfiri terrorist group.

The following is a rough transcription of the interview.


Press TV: We have the fight against terrorists on one side, we have the political somewhat of a crisis that is going on on the other side, and we still have the US that has increased forces inside Iraq under this notion of fighting terrorists. What do you make of the developments in Iraq overall?

Jawad: Well we could have now and then statements from the United Nations, all these humanitarian organizations, Western ones, identifying some atrocities committed against the Iraqi people or the Syrian people or the Yemeni people. They publish a report and then do nothing because they are not prepared actually to question those responsible, those who are aiding and abetting such atrocities taking place in Iraq and elsewhere in the Middle East.

Now we know for a fact from experience with terrorist organizations in Iraq and Syria and elsewhere that every time these organizations control a piece of land, they commit atrocities. For example let’s talk about Iraq. They go to an area, the first victims would be so-called the civil servant members of the Iraqi government, localities, service providers and so on. They accuse them of all being traitors and collaborating with the Iraqi government and in a lot of cases they are tortured and killed.

We have tribal groups in that particular area which do not declare allegiance to the terrorist groups, they are massacred as well. All sort of people, Shia people in the area are executed and buried in secret graves. These are well-known facts and actually the terrorist groups like Daesh and al-Qaeda do not hide it. In fact they are proud of it. As we have seen on our television screens the massacre committed against 1,700 Iraqi students in Salahuddin, military students, they have been massacred and executed and their bodies been thrown into the river.

This is filmed actually by ISIS (Daesh) and they put it on their websites and distribute it. We have a case of the Iraqi lorry drivers, long-distance lorry drivers coming from Jordan and they are being questioned whether they are Sunni or Shia and when they discover they are Shias they execute them. This is on video as well and we have many atrocities in Mosul, in Salahuddin, in Tikrit, in Ramadi where they executed a lot of people and some of these mass graves are being discovered now but this is a well-known established fact, this is part and parcel of the policy that Daesh adheres to and practices on a daily basis.

Press TV: Do you think that there is going to be any type of political breakthrough that is going to come through based on the developments there? We know that obviously the prime minister has addressed the nation regarding the people breaking through in the parliament but how do you see that unfolding?

Jawad: I think Iraq is approaching the summer months, it is going to be a very difficult place and [temperature] is heating up. I think Iraqis do not need cosmetic changes; they need radical changes not only in terms of appointing a new cabinet and reforms and services but also a radical change to the political system that was installed by the American parliamentary [...]. 

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