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Case against Zuma, not about corruption: Analyst

South African President Jacob Zuma (photo by AFP)

Press TV has interviewed David Cherry, with the Africa Desk of the Executive Intelligence Review, about demands in South Africa to sue President Jacob Zuma over graft allegations.

The following is a rough transcription of the interview.

Press TV: How do you feel about this case once again being brought forth?

Cherry: It’s important to realize that this is not about corruption. It’s not about corruption. If it were about corruption, there would be a lot of other people besides President Zuma who were to be prosecuted. And, of course, the figures in South Africa who are calling for Zuma’s head and who are Democratic Alliance and others are themselves corrupt. The leaders of white business are corrupt.

And Peter Bruce, who’s editor-in-chief of Business Today, in an April 27 column, [regretted] it, at least with respect to himself. He said, ‘I have to go back and regret what I wrote at the time of the scandal about collusion in the construction industry.

And, of course, the ANC Women’s League, in a recent statement, also identified that President Zuma is not the only one who can face charges.

But to get more to the point, every attempt is being made by the British and the Americans together, let’s call them the British empire, to put their system back in power in South Africa. Well, a big part of the ANC with Zuma as president [is] attempting to move closer to China and Russia and India and get the building of South Africa into high gear.

The people who were saying, ‘Well the ANC is oppressing the people.’ They come back into power via whatever candidate... will see real oppression. There will be no..., not now or in the future. Yes, of course right now, things are not good in South Africa. Why is that? Because of the president’s policies? Or because of the international policies from London and New York?

Press TV: As you’ve said yourself as well, of course Jacob Zuma himself is not completely innocent but rightfully so there are many others who should also be in the dock as well, I would imagine, over corruption, but certainly any fight against corruption in any country is to be seen as a good thing?

Cherry: No, not any fight. Corruption should be fought, but when corruption is used for other means with a hidden agenda, that’s not good.

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