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Kevin Barrett: Western governments designed Clash of Civilizations for nefarious agenda

Policemen and soldiers control Brussels airport employees at its entrance, on March 29, 2016 in Zaventem. (AFP photo)

Press TV has interviewed Kevin Barrett, editor of Veterans Today in Madison, to discuss a report saying that 75 percent of European terrorists fighting in Syria and Iraq come from four European Union member states.  

The following is a rough transcription of the interview.

Press TV: How do you react to this 75 percent of European terrorists come from four European countries?

Barrett: Well that does not surprise me. These are the countries in which these people are being recruited and we have to face the fact that it is with the complicity of at least an element of the Western security apparatus. Neo-conservative philosophy states that if there is no suitable enemy to use to unite your people against this enemy, you have to create one yourself and that has been the policy especially since September 11, 2001, the public relations stunt, it inaugurated this age of the politics of fear.

So we have to remember that this terrorism which appears to be blowback in which people who have gone to fight in Iraq and Syria with these Takfiri terrorist forces may come back and pose a threat to Europe is actually, this is all an intended consequence of the program that included the destabilization of the Middle East, the fostering of these very Takfiri terrorist groups to try to overthrow the government of Syria and to break up Iraq into pieces and some of these same forces, the neoconservative wing of power in the United States and Europe actually wants this kind of terrorism in order to keep the population in a state where it has to rush to the right-wing authoritarian element of the government for protection.

So this is not just some kind of random blowback from the Middle East, this is all part of a policy that was actually designed by the extreme Zionist neo-conservative wing of Western power decades ago.

Press TV: I remember that a lot back Dr. Zarif, the Iranian Foreign Minister had pretty much said the exact same thing, saying that Western societies need to reflect on why is that many terrorists come from within them. Where do you think that they are going wrong? Is this stigmatization, what is happening there?   

Barrett: Well I think Western countries are still laboring under the delusion that this so-called war on terror is real, that there is a terrible threat from so-called radical Islam that poses a threat to the West. This is the mythology that was drawn up back around 1990 and probably before that actually the Jerusalem Conference on International Terrorism took place in 1979 and that is where they designed the next enemy that would replace the communists when the Cold War ended - the Islamic threat.

So there is, as I said, there is a wing of power in the West, let’s call it the neo-con hard line Zionist wing that is behind this entire so-called Clash of Civilizations and where the West has gone wrong is to allow that group to carry out its agenda. The sensible, relatively sensible people in the West which includes a lot of not particularly morally respectable realistic strategists, people like Brzezinski and many of the people around Obama, I do not believe that they are actually fully complicit in orchestrating all of this mayhem, this false flag war on terror but they have gone along with it. They have allowed the extremist neoconservative wing to dominate the agenda.

What the West needs to do is face the fact that this entire so-called war on terror is a complete hoax, that the actual threat to people in United States for example is very, very low from all forms of terrorism and Muslims only commit 6 percent of terrorist attacks according to the FBI. This whole thing is a complete hoax, it has been generated as a kind of an immediate extravaganza to terrorize the West into obedience to authoritarian leaders in general and hard line Zionists bent on destroying the Middle East for Israel in particular.  

Press TV: I am wondering what will happen now, what will the consequences of such reports be? Do you think that these governments will genuinely change their policies for positive or do you think that the Muslims are in for just harder times now?

Barrett: Well unfortunately it is very, very hard to expose the deep state and its complicity in this false flag wave of terrorism because the deep state has its tentacles into the court systems, into the militaries, the intelligence agencies, the police agencies, so basically you have got a group of people who have been terrorizing Europe since the 1960s with Operation Gladio, it has now morphed into Operation Gladio B, and for most of the time the higher level people have been untouchable. There have been some prosecutions of lower level people. Vinciguerra in Italy famously confessed to Operation Gladio when he was prosecuted but unfortunately if we look at the long history of deep state false flag operations, virtually never do they get caught.

So what we really need is to generate a wave of public outrage at the fact that it is our own governments that are massacring us in these false-flag terror events, our own governments designed this Clash of Civilizations for a nefarious agenda when people wake up to the point that five or ten percent of [the] population really understands this and it is outraged about it and stands up and demands change, then maybe it will be possible to actually bring the perpetrators of these atrocities to justice.

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