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Brussels bombers, just patsies: Barrett

Police use a water cannon to disperse far-right hooligans outside the stock exchange in Brussels, in an area where people visit to pay tribute to the victims of recent terrorist attacks in the city, March 27, 2016. (Photo by AFP)

Press TV has conducted an interview with Kevin Barrett, and Andre Walker, both political analysts to discuss recent terrorist attacks in Belgium.

Barrett says “the far-right and the nationalists in Europe really need to wake up and understand who is actually carrying out these acts of terrorism.”

He claims that the terrorist acts are “false flag state-sponsored terror,” and says the individuals being blamed for the attacks in Europe are “just patsies.”

The false flag campaign has been successful, he says, because the far-righters and nationalists have been brainwashed to believe in the false scenario.

He says the Brussels attacks have been “falsely blamed on radical Muslims.” After the end of the Cold War, he says, “the military industrial complex in the United States, which runs the NATO and occupies Europe, had to find a new enemy, and they have been creating this left-wing enemy with their false flag terrorism.”

Walker, for his part, believes it is “insane and lunatic” to rule out the role of the Takfiri Daesh terrorist group in the recent attacks in Brussels. He also disagrees with the idea that NATO was responsible for the Brussels terrorist attacks, saying the accusation is completely unacceptable.

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