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New US sanctions attack on Iran's sovereignty: Scholar

“What has Iran done to receive the opprobrium of the United States other than stand up to it and challenge its imperialist policies?” asks Professor Dennis Etler.

The United States is not seeking rapprochement with Iran based on mutual respect and benefit but is attempting to undermine its sovereignty, says Professor Dennis Etler, an American political analyst who has a decades-long interest in international affairs.

Etler, a professor of Anthropology at Cabrillo College in Aptos, California, made the remarks in an interview with Press TV on Friday, after the US Department of the Treasury imposed financial sanctions on two more Iranian companies for allegedly supporting Iran’s ballistic missile program.

Washington’s latest legal move against Tehran was announced on Thursday, weeks after the United States imposed similar sanctions on 11 other companies and individuals alleged to be involved in the missile program.

“The US imposition of more sanctions on Iran for its ballistic missile program shows its true colors,” said Professor Etler. “It is not seeking rapprochement based on mutual respect and benefit but is attempting to hem Iran in and make it as difficult as possible to maintain itself as an independent nation with all the rights and privileges of any other sovereign state.”

“What has Iran done to receive the opprobrium of the United States other than stand up to it and challenge its imperialist policies? Has Iran invaded its neighbors in the Middle East as the US and its allies have?” he asked.  

“It is well known that the US invaded Iraq on false pretenses and has supported regime change throughout the region resulting in unprecedented calamities, the collapse of one nation after another, the destitution of entire countries and the exodus of millions of refugees fleeing war and destruction and flooding Europe. It is the US which holds the world hostage to its nuclear arsenal and its bristling ICBMs which threaten the world's peace and security,” he added.

“Iran on the other hand has been the object of invasion by those opposed to its self-determination. It is Iran that is surrounded by hostile forces supported by an aggressive US out to maintain its regional and global hegemony at all costs. It is US allies Israel and Saudi Arabia who have trained, funded and enabled terrorists to wreck havoc throughout the Middle East and beyond. Iran is the country under immediate threat from the US and its neighbors, not vice versa,” the analyst stated.

“Which countries pose the greatest threat to peace and security in the Middle East? Iran which has in modern history never exceeded its borders? Or Israel, subsidized by the US, that occupies Palestinian lands and has imposed Apartheid-like regime on the oppressed Palestinian people?” he asked.   

“Has Iran invaded its neighbors like Saudi Arabia, armed to the teeth by the US, which foments terrorism and tries to impose its ideology on other Islamic countries?” the scholar further asked.

“Iran has every right to have a vigorous defensive capacity to protect its vital national interests and thwart attempts to undermine its sovereignty. There is absolutely no reason for the US or any other country to demand that Iran give up its sovereign right to self-defense and deterrence. It is the US, its NATO and other allies who have demonstrated their aggressive and war-like intents who should be sanctioned, not Iran,” Professor Etler concluded.

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