Daesh serving goals of Turkish, Saudi backers: Analyst

Militants check their ammunition belts in Tal al-Aswan in Eastern Ghouta near the Syrian capital, Damascus, on February 9, 2016. ©AFP

Press TV has conducted an interview with Saeb Shaath, author and Middle East expert from Belfast, on a UN warning over the impact of ongoing violence in Syria on the upcoming peace talks.

The following is a rough transcription of the interview.

Press TV: What are your opinions on the prospects of finding a political solution during the talks expected to be held on February 25?

Shaath: …The terror war being waged on Syria for long term [I] think of it as a geopolitical war, which is waged by imperialist forces, take it from Syria up to China…

So Western powers and their puppets in the region, Saudi Arabia and the Turks, are not interested at all in peaceful settlements in Syria.

Daesh’s threat, which we talked about, has been manifesting itself in Syria and Iraq for many years. Why this sudden change of heart for the Saudis and the Turks and they want to send land forces if it’s for propaganda or for real.

If Turkey is a country interested in shutting down Daesh, the procedure to do that is easy and effective. The Turkish government has to only close the borders and stop the flow of supplies and mercenaries all from its territories to Syria.

And the most important factor in here [is that ]they [should] stop the flow…all Syrian stolen oil from Daesh-controlled territories in Syria and in Iraq that will in itself dry Daesh from all the financial and economic means. It will strengthen its position in Syria.

Press TV: Looking at the current events, the Syrian government did agree to a cessation of hostilities on the ground.

Shaath: Yeah, but at the same time, the Turkish, if we notice out of the Syrian agreed to that, they started shelling territories in Syria after the Syrians and the democratic coalition, which Kurdish forces are part of it, managed to liberate Ming airport, the Saudis went mad.

They started calling for another coalition like their coalition in Yemen. This one they call the Islamic coalition…The one in Yemen they call it the Arabic one and they want to send forces to Syria.

All of that, they want to capture any piece in the north of Syria, if they can, if the forces or even they use that kind of propaganda to pressure the Syrian regime, since they lost their forces, the terror groups, which they…supported.

And the only way now they think is practical or viable, after Syria and its allies managed to destroy most of these terror gangs in there, is to send troops, to send Turkish troops or Saudi troops under the cover [destroying] Daesh.

And when they arrive to a territory controlled by Daesh, what they’re going to use. They’re going to use a new name. Daesh has to drop its name now and they will call itself something else and they will establish any territory in there, because, as far as I know, Daesh and most of these groups are created and supported by the Turkish and the Saudis and it’s there to serve their strategic global geopolitical game. And that’s why they’re going to use it find a possible change of things.

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