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Saudi troops deployment to Syria miscalculation: Analyst

This file photo shows Saudi military forces.

Press TV has interviewed Aly el-Kabbany, an author and a journalist in London, about Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Muallem warning against any foreign ground intervention in his country after reports emerged that Saudi Arabia and Turkey are considering the dispatch of troops to Syria.

The following is a rough transcription of the interview.


Press TV: Well it seems that Saudi Arabia continues to try to do whatever it can to get into Syria and to prolong the war. What needs to happen at this point in time actually to stop the hands of Riyadh in interfering in the situation in Syria?

Kabbany: Actually the Saudi regime is miscalculating because the ground invasion which they launched in Bahrain and Yemen cannot succeed in Syria. They are claiming that they want to send ground troops to fight Daesh and we all know that Daesh is Saudi-made and Saudi-financed and Saudi-equipped. So to send their troops to fight the Syrian Arab army, that means as foreign secretary of Syria says their troops will be sent back in their coffins to Riyadh and other cities of Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia now is playing a role bigger than its size and actually as I always say that will be the end of their throne and their regime because they are interfering now in the internal affairs of most Arab countries as a big member of the counterrevolution in both Egypt and Tunisia and they did the same in Libya and Yemen.

So Saudi Arabia’s policy is to weaken all their neighbors rather than trying to strengthen themselves. They feel insecure, they feel weak, they have inferiority complex, that is why they want to destroy all strong big Arab countries around them and it seems with the imperial power they are succeeding at the time being but that cannot carry on forever. Saudi Arabia can win some battles but the war will end them and they will come losing at the end of the war.

Press TV: Well that was my question, on the one hand we see the situation, the bidding in many ways that Saudi Arabia is taking of course though they are doing unbelievable damage in Yemen by airplanes but of course we see that the Yemeni armed forces along with the Houthi fighters are inflicting quite a lot of damage, definitely I am sure unexpected by Riyadh. So if this is the case in that situation, then what would make them think that they could send ground troops into Syria and be successful?

Kabbany: Because they are short-sighted, because they are stupid, because their agents represented by Daesh failed in doing the job and now the Syrian Arab army is succeeding in liberating most of the Syrian cities and the suburbs of Damascus. So they are worried because they know the victory of the regime will be the end of their throne so they are now trying as a last throw to send their ground troops to fight the Syrian army.

Of course they are not up to the Syrian army, they cannot defeat the Syrian army but in the case of the failure of their agents, they think they can do the job but actually they cannot do the job and we find ironic and ridiculous to say that they are going there to fight Daesh because they can fight Daesh from Riyadh by stopping the financing and stopping the arms which they are supplying them day in and day out.   

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