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​'CIA killed JFK to ensure US maintains permanent war agenda'

This undated photo shows former US President John F. Kennedy.

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) murdered former US President John F. Kennedy to ensure that America maintains a permanent war agenda, an author and political analyst in Chicago says.

“Long-standing US policy remains the same no matter who is the head of state.  America isn’t the two-party nation, it’s a one-party state; it’s a duopoly run by powerful moneyed interests,” Stephen Lendman told Press TV on Sunday.

“The policies always stay the same with one exception. Each succeeding administration seems to be worse than the preceding one. You could go back, with one administration after another,” he said.

“And the only exception in my lifetime was the days of Kennedy in the early 1960s. A man who transformed themselves from a warrior into a peacemaker, and because of that the CIA murdered him, just to be sure that America maintains a permanent war agenda,” he added.

Lendman said if Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump “becomes president, America would be at war from the day one to his last day in office, maybe even to a greater extent than Obama.”

“It seems hard to believe. Obama’s agenda exceeded the worst of George Bush… and whoever succeeds Obama will exceed the worst of his agenda, both abroad geopolitically and at home,” he stated.

“At home, US human rights and civil liberties are being systemically destroyed, as America increasingly becomes a police state, with no exaggeration whatever.  Anybody can test that argument by simply looking at the laws on the books. And there is only one conclusion you can draw: these are police state laws, freedom-destroying laws. This is what’s going on at home,” he continued.

“Abroad, America has a long-standing permanent war agenda. And we can see how it played out,” he said.

Lendman went on to say that “North Korea did not attack the South. The South, the fascistic and Stalinist regime, and Harry Truman attack the North and blamed the North for their crimes.”

On Saturday, Trump praised North Korean leader Kim Jong-un for how he “wipes out” his political opponents.

The outspoken billionaire businessman said it was "incredible" that Kim has managed to consolidate his grip on power after his father Kim Jong-il died in 2011.

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