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US policy toward Russia based on lie: Analyst

US President Barack Obama (R) and Russian President Vladimir Putin talk before the second working session at the G20 Summit in Antalya, Turkey, November 16, 2015. (AFP)

Press TV has interviewed Joe Quinn, editor and researcher of from Paris, to get his take on a potential coordination between Turkey and NATO before the November 24 shooting down of a Russian fighter jet.

Following is a rough transcription of the interview.

Press TV: The evidence is out there, in terms of how this scenario went down, and you have the US president that’s pretty much feeding to a not so knowledgeable general public, the shooting down was pre-planned. NATO protocol calls for a NATO member country to actually talk to the command center before taking such action, but I’m assuming that you are aware of this. Why is the US president therefore not telling the truth and standing behind Turkey?

Quinn: That’s a good question. Why is the US president not telling the truth. You can ask that of most US presidents going back 60 or 70 years, they don’t have truth as a matter of course.

I mean, they lie for very specific reasons because the US and its foreign policy and this involves the US foreign policy towards Russia and in the Middle East is all based on a lie.

I mean of course we’re told about freedom and democracy but it’s actually about supporting and funding terrorist organizations in different parts of the world to achieve US foreign policy and that’s exactly what’s happening in Turkey right now or in Syria and has been happening for the past four years.

These are effectively NATO kind of mercenary shock troops that have been pushed into Syria to overthrow the Assad government. That’s very clear, I mean, every man and his dog with half a brain understands that at this state.

So it’s amazing that the US President Obama can continue to parrot this nonsense that this US-led coalition is supposedly fighting ISIS (Daesh). I mean he criticizes Putin for not cooperating with the US-led coalition to fight ISIS.

But the question is what US-led coalition, and what has it been doing for the past 18 months. It has done absolutely nothing effectively, because ISIS have become strengthened.

It was only when the Russian government and Russian air force began airstrikes in Syria that ISIS actually started to be pushed back and seriously threatened in terms of their attempt to overthrow the Syrian government on behalf of NATO.

This shoot down of the Russian plane clearly by the Turkish military or someone in control of the Turkish military, which as you’ve just said, is effectively NATO and could not have happened without NATO support.

So effectively this was NATO i.e. the US government shooting down a Russian plane in Syria as a threat to Russia to say, Listen, stop bombing our terrorists there for a very specific reason i.e. the overthrow of the Assad government, and it is a problem for Russia, of course Russia will stand strong, I think. But it is a problem because it poses the threat to Russia of a possible direct confrontation with NATO, which means basically all of the NATO countries which will put a lot of pressure on Russian relations with other European countries.

This is a pretty sneaky, dirty move by the US government in shooting down this jet, but it’s to be expected. That’s how they operate.

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