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US seeks to keep Daesh as perfect enemy: Analyst

This file photo shows Daesh terrorists.

Press TV has interviewed Kevin Barrett, the editor of Veterans Today in Madison, to discuss the United States’ fight against the Daesh Takfiri terrorist group in Syria and Iraq.

The following is a rough transcription of the interview.

Press TV: More Special Operations Forces in the Middle East to combat Daesh. How sincere do you think the United States is in combating terrorism and ISIL given that it is not quite pleased with Russia’s efforts in Syria to contain ISIL and it also fell short of denouncing Turkey shooting down a Russian bomber?

Barrett: Well you cannot expect the American leadership to ever be sincere in anything, least of all when it concerns the so-called war on terror which is the  colossal hoax invented by the United States and specially the Zionist contention here.

That said, I have to admit that Ash Carter was right about a couple of things when he accused Turkey of not really fighting against ISIL but what he failed to say was that that is because the US has not wanted Turkey to really fight against ISIL and the US itself really has not been fighting against ISIL either. And we can see this, there are so many examples I could give of how ISIL never would have taken over the territory it has now in Iraq, if the United States had simply delivered the fighter planes that Iraq purchased, that they held them up for years and so there was no air power to stop ISIL … Likewise there are very credible reports that the US has trained and equipped ISIL, a British plane was shot down over Iraq with arms for ISIL, that is the western NATO  powers which includes Turkey of course are fighting a phony war against ISIL.

The real objective is regime change in Syria. That is why they created ISIL, that is why they armed it and they want to keep it going as the perfect enemy. They can use it to rouse their populations into a desire to attack and invade and have a strong military presence in the region and at the same time they can also use it as an arm against their chief antagonist in the region which would be the Axis of Resistance and especially the government of Syria. So Ash Carter although he was telling the truth about Turkey, was lying about United States policy.

Press TV: So why use terrorism as a tool to get the means of what you want done in the region? If the United States is claiming that it is fighting terrorism and it is fighting Daesh and it has not done that, is actually the US presence has helped spread terrorism in the Middle Eastern region, what is the main agenda that Washington is pursuing above Syria and the toppling of the Syrian government?

Barrett: Well the policy of state-sponsored terrorism from the US and the other western powers is not new. This has been pursued at least since the World War II all over the world. US has supported terrorists, the Contras trying to overthrow the government of Nicaragua, similar groups all over the world and then they sponsored a wave of false flag terrorism in Europe during the Cold War.

In fact all of the major terror attacks in Europe, of the Bologna train bombing, the Brabant shooting and others that were attributed to left-wing terrorists were actually carried out by the United States Pentagon. This is a well-known and completely admitted historical fact.

So this is a long-standing policy of fostering terrorism in support of specific geopolitical objectives. I think the objective here include they want to weaken and divide the Middle East and the Islamic world in general, they want to follow the Oded Yinon plan in splitting different groups along ethnic and sectarian lines and balkanizing the Middle East, they want to weaken these countries and make them more controllable and of course they are aiming at regime change in Syria. They said they were going to change the Syrian regime, they have failed so far. That puts a question mark on their credibility so they are still pushing hard for that regime change that they promised, the same kind of regime change that they used in Iraq through military means, in other countries such as Libya through proxies. So it is really just more of the same from the empire.


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