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US-Russia cooperation on Syria harmful for CIA: Analyst

Terrorists fire a heavy machine gun during clashes with Syrian forces on the frontline facing Deir al-Zoghb in the northwestern Idlib province on August 31, 2015. (©AFP)

Press TV has conducted an interview with Steven Kelley, a former CIA and NSA contractor from Los Angeles, to ask for his insight into the US’ refusal to cooperate with Russia in the fight against terrorism in Syria.

The following is a rough transcription of the interview.

Press TV: Moscow blames the West for throwing a big wrench into its anti-terror campaign in Syria. Your thoughts, Sir.

Kelly: Well, I don’t think they’re really causing that much of effect on the Russian campaign.

I think they need to say this mainly for the purposes of PR campaign and to point out what the US is doing.

But I think ultimately the American efforts are really of minor distraction for what the Russians are doing right now.

Press TV: A year of supposedly attacking terrorist positions in Syria producing very little result, what is it about the Western approach in Syria that's keeping it from having conducted a more successful campaign?

Kelly: Well, obviously they have no intention of actually fighting the extremists that they’ve trained and equipped.

And we see them scrambled to drop what 50 tones of resupplies to the terrorists here in the Syrian theater as well as Iraq.

Obviously, we can see what’s going on here. Everybody knows right now. So, this charade is really over.

They’re continuing to do with this no strike zone. Of course, Turkey has its own agenda.

The word’s coming out of Obama right now about boots on the ground. This is certainly troublesome now.

Press TV: And now when it is seen that Russia is making good headway, why not cooperate with their campaign? I mean, is it a conflict of objectives here or is it an attempt to save face for the West?

Kelly: Well, certainly they can’t cooperate because they do have these boots on the ground.

Already, they’ve got people embedded with these very same terrorist groups and they are taking casualties.

So, any cooperation would be directly cooperating against the CIA and certainly, they can’t be doing that.

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