Israel pushing Palestinian towards third Intifada: Commentator

Israeli security forces fire tear gas canisters to disperse Palestinian protesters during a demonstration in the occupied West Bank city of al-Khalil (Hebron), on October 27, 2015. (Photo by AFP)

Press TV has conducted an interview with Max Igan, a radio host and political commentator based in Pucallpa, Peru, to discuss a recent announcement by Israeli officials that they may revoke residency of Palestinians in East al-Quds (Jerusalem).  

The following is a rough transcription of the interview.

Press TV: Mr. Igan Israel is planning to strip Palestinians of their residency. Is this the kind of policy which will have a positive or negative impact towards a future of peace and stability between the two sides?

Igan: Well it is just another demonstration that Israel does not want peace; it is doing everything it can to prevent peace. I mean just going and saying, “hey by the way we will revoke your citizenship and demolish your homes”. I mean they are pushing the Palestinians into an uprising, they really are.  And of course when the Palestinians do try to fight back, they are called “terrorists”. This is a massive human rights abuse and it is terrorism, it really is. Even announcing the possibility that they might do this…Palestinians sitting in terror, in fear of losing their homes, in fear of losing their rights of citizenship even more than what they have got. This is just typical of Israel and it is just more pushing to expunge the land of all Palestinians. That is what all is about. They are very opinionated about it. They want to get rid of all Palestinians, they do not want peace and this should be a clear demonstration to anybody of that fact.  

Press TV: Mr. Igan Israel seems be passing a lot of controversial legislation like legalizing force against Palestinian stone throwers, allowing settlers to arm themselves and behave like vigilante on the streets and the authorization of demolition of so many homes and communities in occupied territories. Now what kind of future and peace prospect does Tel Aviv expect to attain with this kind of treatment of Palestinians?

Igan: Well they don’t. That is the thing they expect an uprising. They are pushing towards an uprising. So they are making crying victim and saying we are being attacked by the Palestinians. This is what they do. They do not want peace. Everything that they do demonstrates that they do not want peace. They will not give the Palestinians even the basic fundamentals of life at all, not even allow them homes to live in. This should be a clear indication that they do not want peace and it is a human rights violation. Why are not we seeing sanctions for this on Israel? Of course all of this has happened since the UN raised the Palestinian flag. Of course when that happened the Bibi Netanyahu said we can expect to see the Palestinians to attack us more now because you have given them recognition and this is going to embolden them. And of course he is now pushing them into the point where they have no choice but perhaps launch a third Intifada (uprising) and they are really, really pushing for them to do so. 

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